Norton Tech Support Number Provides 7 Steps Process to Uninstall Norton Antivirus on Mac

1Since humankind has witnessed a lot of inventions which have taken them far beyond the visible sky, the internet and technology has too made us thunderstruck. With this technology, one can execute his personal and official task sitting back at home making space for a virtual appearance. No doubt the communication has been set upside down with this mode of communication as via this we can connect with the outside world in minutes and probably less than that safely.Norton Tech Support is there to help you 24*7 for the help of users.

However, with this positive step has also come the threat from the hackers and spammers and in no time they are able to lure out the detail that they want. They use software called viruses, Trojans, rootkit, adware, spyware, malware etc and give you the much repented harm. So, the IT experts suggest safeguarding the Pc with a safe antivirus which none other than Norton package can provide. Symantec has done wonders for the online workers as upon installing kits Norton product on the system, they get the all in one protection package introduced for them. The software is very easy to understand with a user friendly interface and is very easy to install.Norton antivirus tech support number 1-888-959-1458 provides you the Strong firewall built gives it a hard time to the fraudsters to peep into the system. Other features like antiphishing, identity theft protection, instant scanning, auto updation of the virus definitions and heuristics etc all together makes it a victor. This has also been proved to be one of the most relied one by varied AV Test labs.

As there are two faces to everything, this program too has its flip side i.e. different technical hassles that the users report every now and then being faced by them when utilizing the software.Norton tech support number is there to guide the users if they facing any difficulties. The entire scenario becomes really very confusing for those who are non technical users. Among the not installing, not scanning, not updating, not working, not uninstalling on Mac; the last one forms an important problem that can be solved via following the underwritten steps:

  1. Double click the “Symantec Uninstaller” by opening Symantec Solutions folder.
  2. In this window place a check on the Norton applications that have to un-installed.
  3. Hit “Uninstall”.
  4. Prove that the product has to be deleted.
  5. Feed in your admin account password into the Authenticate Window and hit OK.
  6. Press “Close” in the window showing the deleted items’ catalog.
  7. Now “Restart” the system.

These are the simple steps that would help in uninstalling the program on Mac but in case this does not work then the tech support can be contacted on an urgent basis. One can take help from the written content on the forums and support page. An email can be dropped to the company’s email id explaining the specific problem encountered and a response is surely to come in an email only. The norton antivirus tech support phone number USA & CANADA 1-888-959-1458 can also be dialed to ask for a live help from the expert who would assist through remote access to find an immediate fix to the issue.

Norton Technical Support phone number is not only provide you the solutions of your problems like norton antivirus not working properly ,norton not installing ,norton antivirus not updating etc but also gives the remote support so that is you are a non technical person then you dont have to worry .You only have to follow the technical experts instructions and you will resolve all your issues in just a while.